Saturday, August 20, 2011


For those of you who grew up in Concord, CA in the 70's ... it was Pixie Playland.  For kids now, it is just  Pixieland  A hidden gem inside Willow Pass Park.  I remember going when I was little.  My parents have the pictures to prove it!  I believe the train & the carousel are the only rides left from my time ... but the ones that are there now are just as fun for the kids.

There is no entrance fee, you buy tickets and each ride requires 1 - 2 tickets.  Fortunately, the two ticket rides are ones my girls avoid, so we get a little more bang for our $1.25.  If you buy just one book of tickets, it is a bit pricey, but if you buy multiple books, you get a free book so here is my tip.  Buy multiple books.  They make GREAT birthday gifts for anyone who has kids with in 20 minutes of Concord.  I know I struggle with what to get the 5 year old who has every Lego set on earth.

 We love to go over at random times, just because or as a "special treat".  Usually if we are alone, Vivienne goes on 4 - 5 rides.  Coco for some reason is happy just to watch (again, at $1.25 a ticket, I don't mind!) .  We are usually there for about 30 minutes to an hour.

A few days ago we went with some friends.  The kids had a BLAST!!
 This plane ride is just like the "Dumbo" ride at Disneyland ... but no lines here!  You never have to wait more than 5 minutes for a ride.

 Up up and away!!!  The height limit is 40 inches to ride alone, so Emma (2) got to go with her big brother.

 They also have a train that runs around a little pond.  Complete w/ Canadian Geese.  This is a two ticket ride.  My girls have NO desire to go on it.  I don't know why.  They love all things trains ... except the rides.
 Vivienne is obsessed w/ Carosels.  This is the reason she comes to Pixieland.  Where ever we go, if there is a carosel, she has to ride it.

Our attempt at a group picture.  At the end of the play time, it just wasn't happening!

As you can see, this place isn't that crowded if you are there during the week.  I have no idea why.  It is such a fun place.  They have a tea cup ride, and a small roller coaster too.  This time they also had a girl doing the fancy face painting.

For all of my Bay Area natives, what are your Pixie Playland memories?


  1. I love Pixie Playland. I have such fun memories from Grandma and Grandpa taking all of us grandkids. Than k you for bring back those memories. BTW - I love the photo of Coco peeking her face through the ice cream truck!! :)


  2. I sort of remember going and riding in a ferris wheel with cages??? I know my mom took my sister and her daughter every summer they came out until my niece was 6 or so. We just drove by to show Robert where it was (we played tennis a lot at the Willow Pass courts and he had no idea this park was a little farther down the road). I don't remember riding the train but I remember the geese in the pond. And PS- I like the action shot group pic. So much better than a "posey" pic!
    Michelle Dibb

  3. Michelle! I totally forgot about those cages, but yes I think so! Also a whale ride & the race cars. Boats in water too ...