Thursday, March 10, 2011

Am I crazy???

This is one of those weeks.  Last week was one of those weeks too ... I am busy.  I work part time at a hotel (but these two weeks it has been 30+ hours each!), am a mom of 3 under 4, trying to start a business & now maintain a blog.  What am I thinking??

There is so much time in all media and in everyday conversation about finding balance.  Trying to manage all of the balls that we throw in the air.  Like a juggler, we will at some point drop one of those balls, and at times drop them all.  But, like anyone who is learning something, we must pick the balls back up & try again.

I wrote a blog entry on Sunday.  I was raving about roast chicken.  How it is a true crowd pleaser, so easy to make, and is great for leftovers too.  I saved it to be posted after my family enjoyed said chicken.  You didn't read it?  Well, yeah ... I didn't post it.  I was doing 20 things at the time & the chicken got pulled out of the oven a little too early.  It was still good, but thanks to my chef husband was put back into the oven & cooked a little more, dinner a little late.  I was so frustrated with myself I deleted the blog.  I do think that a roast chicken is an amazing dinner and yes, it is quite easy to make ... it just takes longer than I always think.  Just google roast chicken & find a simple recipe and try it.

I was thinking about all of the things I do.  Somethings I HAVE to do, others I should do & some I do because I want to.  I was also thinking about the women who have so many more things on their have to do list.  What about the women who HAVE to go get water every day?  How about the woman running a farm who HAS to get up at 4am to milk the cows?  I really am blessed.  When I look at all of the "undone" things in my life I think, maybe I need to mentally move them over to my HAVE to do ... then I'll get them done.  I am really good at finding things to do (like Facebook & just random searching on the internet) to fill my "spare" time.

I remember complaining to my 87 year old grandmother that I needed a break.  I asked her if she felt this way when she was raising her kids (and at one time her sister's kids too ... 4 kids under 3, plus 3 others.) she said no.  It just wasn't a possibility, she just didn't think about it.  I think that I am a bit spoiled.  I slack where I shouldn't and complain a little too much.  I am going to try an experiment (after I get though this week ...).  I will try harder to use every minute to my advantage.  If I find myself "wasting" time I will redirect myself to a project / task that needs to be done.  And moms ... you know that there is ALWAYS a ton of projects to be done!!  I will try & whistle while I work (though I can't whistle at all)