Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A mom's car survival guide

Prior to having kids, I kept a pretty clean car.  Living in San Francisco, it was required not to have anything  in view - or your window would probably be smashed the next day.

Now, three kids later, my car is fully stocked with everything I could possibly need ... and more.   I realized how lucky I was to have all of these things, yet again the other day when my middle daughter got sick.  Yes, sick in the car while driving down a busy street.  Really sick.

So, I thought I'd give a list of all of the things I am now going to keep in my car & maybe you'll add some "must haves" too!

Non-perishable healthy snacks (special treat when they are a little crazy & hungry).
Books & small activities.  Love the travel etch-a-shetch!
Diapers & wipes.  Wipes will be a staple now forever.
Change of clothes for all kids (including underwear!)
Change of clothes for mom (especially if you are nursing!)
First Aid kit, including travel packs of benadryl.

I have used all of these items.  They have all made their way into my car because I didn't have them & wish I had.  The first aid kit was one of those items.  Out playing & Vivienne fell, scraped her leg.  Not too badly but I realized I didn't have anything "just in case."  Also the benadryl was used by a friend who had a child having an allergic reaction & we were about 15 minutes from any store.

What things do you keep that you wouldn't leave home without?  What is my list missing?  Would love your comments!


  1. Those things are good whenever you have kids in your car. Adding something to the list though: a bin where you can toss used items in. It helps keep the car clean and orderly!

  2. It’s a good thing that you have all these things in your car. These are really important, especially when you have your kids with you – anything can happen. We all know how kids are, especially when they get bored. You should also put on good music for them. It’s a good way to entertain your kids. Play their favorite songs or the soundtracks of their fave TV shows. They’ll love it for sure!