Sunday, January 15, 2012

Repurposed postcards

I love postcards.  Maybe I come by it honestly, as my grandmother just gave me her collection of postcards, some of which were saved by her mother!  Postcards from the late 1800's.  Wow.  It's even strange to write that.

Now, what to do with them?  I got an idea from Domino's Book of Decorating I would use them in my bathroom!  I mean, what kind of decor really can you put in a bathroom? I say anything.  The best is something with a little twist, or surprise ...

So after a few hours and a lot of stickers ... here is a wall.  In the center is an add my sister had saved from a shop in SF, is says "Black and white is beautiful" she found it years ago & gave it to me after Paul & I got married.  I framed it and used it as the centerpiece.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Push Pack baby!

I was excited to get this picture from a mom who had received the Push Pack as a shower gift!  How fun!  I love it - love seeing new babies too.