Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's ready!!!  I didn't think I could make it happen, especially with the Birth and Baby Fair tomorrow.  But, everything came together.  I will be selling DOUGHY FUN.  It is my home made play dough.
Kids love to play with play dough.  There is even research out there telling us that there many positive reasons kids should play with modeling dough.    My girls love it.  They will sit (sometimes) and play for almost an hour.  There are so many creative things to make with modeling clay.  Add glitter for sparkling dough.

Doughy Fun came about by searching numerous recipes until I found one I really liked.  It lasts a long time and is SO much softer than the traditional Play Dough.  I really also like the fact that I know what is in it.  Everything is edible.  (Though there is tons of salt, so I have heard do not let dogs get to it!!)

I'll be selling the color you see here at the Birth and Baby Fair at an exciting introductory price.  Two sizes 4 oz & 8 oz.

For those of you who want to be a little more involved in the process, I also have Doughy Fun Mix.  All of the dry ingredients you need to make your own!  Just add vegetable oil & water.   (Instructions are on the jar)  Right now they are all for white dough, but I'll have some colorings I can add if you don't have it at home.

Doughy Fun is also a great idea for a party favor.  Forget the candy!  Give a gift that kids love to play with,  encourages creativity and lasts.  I can also help you put together goodie bags with cutters, rollers and glitter.  Convo me via Etsy.

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