Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birth & Baby Fair in 3 days ... with several "wrenches" thrown in

You know the saying, "it threw a wrench in my plans"?  Well, this week seems to be full of wrenches, but the more I think about it ... these wrenches are just part of my life.

I wish I could write that in three days I will be attending the Birth and Baby Fair and that this week leading up to it has been productive and smooth sailing.  100% focused on my business.  But then, there is reality.  I am a mom with a part time job.  I am a wife, housekeeper, gardener, taxi driver, secretary, and cook.  I also am new to this business world and there is a lot of hands on learning.  On top of that, I have a daughter who models.

This week has been one unexpected thing after another!   I am feeling very confident about the fair coming up on Sunday.  My friend & I are working out all of the details of our booth.  We are both very excited of the opportunities this will present to us as well as finally getting out there & selling or stuff!!  There are some last minute things I need to get done, and am using each moment to try & do them.

But like all good well planed schedules, things are going to go out of whack.  As of Monday, my Thursday was clear except for taking the kids to / from school.   Friday & Saturday I work at night, but still have the days to get things done.  Then, on Tuesday, we got a call from Vivienne's agent.  She was going to be submitted for a commercial.  Yesterday, we got the call the audition is for tomorrow (today) at 4:40 in San Francisco.  So much for my afternoon.  And now the babysitter scramble starts.  (Thank GOD for retired grandpa!)

I got some errands done after dropping Vivienne off at school (a 30 minute each way commute) and the went to pick her up.  As I pull out of the school lot I get a call "can you pick up your grandma at the hairdresser?  She is ready now."  I can't say no.  This is my dad.  My in a pinch emergency babysitter, but man, it's 12:30 & I have three kids ready for lunch.  I am 30 minutes from home, and the hairdresser is 10 minutes out of my way.  "SURE!! No problem!"  I go to pick up grandma & she tells Vivienne that the children's choir missed her last night.  I had totally forgot about Vivienne's choir practice on Wednesdays.  Then she asks if we can stop at a store or bank.  "SURE!"  I say.  Then I hear, "but Mommy, I have to go potty!"

Get home at 1:30 to feed the kids & be out the door by 3 to head to SF.

We are in the middle (or near the end) of refinancing our house & the loan processor emails ... she needs things faxed before they can progress further.  Another email informs me it is back to school "day" on Saturday at 10, no kids please.  

Fast forward to the audition.  We sit down & I look at the sign in sheet:  "Shoot is in Los Angeles.  Please list any conflicts you have for the week of Oct 10."  WHAT???  Can I write L I F E ??  (Take note of this people who think it would be cool to have your kids in modeling or acting!)

We head home on BART, which has 20 minute delays.  At dinner time the phone rings.  It is my work.  My shift for tomorrow (you know the one I had to get two babysitters for, as well as juggle cars for so my babysitter could use my car & I could still get to BART, then my parents would have the right number of car seats when they took the kids .... etc) has changed to an hour an a half later so that now I have to drive to SF & the plan we had just worked out won't work.  

Oh, and the package I HAVE to have by Sunday for the fair that I called about & it was confirmed for today's delivery???  It couldn't be delivered because someone over 21 has to be here, but if I call by 7:00 pm (it is now 7:15) I could pick it up myself tomorrow since I won't be home tomorrow to sign for it either!   Thank goodness I called & they were able to set it up for me to pick up ... but guess what?  UPS opens at 1.  Really???  Opens at 1?

My husband called me from work about 15 minutes later as the chaos / screams / tantrums / tears / of bedtime for three over tired kids was underway.  He kindly reminded me that in a few years we'll miss all of this.   I had to laugh.  Yes, I probably will.

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