Sunday, October 2, 2011

SF Birth & Baby Fair

I made it!  My first Birth and Baby Fair is done.  It was a great experience!  I am now exhausted and looking forward to going to bed, but I figured I'd share a little about the day.

I shared a booth with a good friend, Mary who makes hand made items for children.  She is extremely talented, and like me mom to three kids.   We figured sharing this booth was a great opportunity for us to get some exposure and test the waters so to speak.

Here is our booth.  We had a great location near the entrance.

So many people showed up to see all that was new and available for moms and babies (and even dads!!)  I'll share a few of my favorites over the next few posts.   We had a lot of interest in our things & sales were made!  We also made some time to do a little networking.

Here are my areas for the Push Pack as well as Doughy Fun.  The great thing about having something for an "older" kid here is that so much of this is focused on babies that people were eager for a little something for the big brother or sister.

I learned a lot too.  I now have more ideas for what worked & what didn't as far a packing list, packing in general, display and sales pitch.

Two weeks until the next show The Prego Palooza in Santa Clara October 16th at 11 am.

Until then, you can find the Push Pack & Doughy Fun at my Etsy shop!


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  2. Hi Laura! Enjoyed meeting you at the SF Birth and Baby Expo... we will be attending the The Prego Palooza as well October 16th! Also we are now following your blog!