Saturday, September 3, 2011

And .... she booked!

My last modeling post was that Vivienne was put on hold about three weeks ago.  Well, it turned into an actual booking.  Hooray!

The hold was for Wednesday.  That is all I knew, no time or location.  Being the mom of three, this presents a little challenge.  I have to arrange a babysitter for my other two for any time during the day.  Fortunately, I have family who is retired near by that can usually help out.

At 4:15 pm on Tuesday, I got an email from my daughter's agent saying she still hadn't heard anything & was calling the client.  At 4:45, I got a call from the agent.  Vivienne was now on hold for THURSDAY, not Wednesday (tomorrow).  Again, no time or location.  This is a prime example of how flexible you have to be!  A reason that you need to think twice before getting your child into modeling.  Do you have this flexibility?

Wednesday evening, 4:30 pm I find out the hold has become an actual booking!  It is for Thursday, 3:00 PM in San Francisco.  This is on of those times I am grateful I have lived in "The City" as I know a lot of people who get nervous navigating their way once inside.  The only challenge:  3:00 is getting close to massive traffic trying to leave SF.  If you can get out by 4:30 it's not too bad (still a mess) but after that, gridlock city.  I have taken Vivienne to shoots that have lasted 15 minutes, to 3 1/2 hours.  I was also nervous because my babysitter had to be somewhere at 7.

Then I read the details of the shoot.  It is for a children's furnishings & accessories company.  On the paper it said, "Please bring: play clothes: light layers, sweaters, skinny jeans, cropped light pants, ballet flats.  Colors: pink, lavenders, pinks, and light blues." Now, this is where panic sets in.  The agent said not to worry too much about the clothes, but I freak out inside.  Vivienne doesn't have anything like this!  She wears: dresses, skirts and leggings.  As far as sweaters, I have nothing yet in her size now & her shoes are dark purple!  Jeans never fit her as she is a little stick!

Vivienne put this outfit together .... 
I look online at various stores to see if anyone has that "look" at a reasonable price.   H & M works.  The next day I drag all three kids into H & M for some quick shopping.  I show the list to one of the associates.  He helps me out & 30 minutes later we are on our way with some clothes.  I get home and panic again.  What if they don't have an iron there?  So I iron all of the clothes.  I think this paranoia comes from having done mostly clothing shoots.  The clothes are the main focus so the people are very concerned about lack of wrinkles etc.

Waiting for the shoot to begin.  Snacking on crakers & Orangina.
We left the house at 1:30, and headed in.  It took a little less than an hour to find the location.  The company had rented out someones house in Cole Valley (a neighborhood near the Castro district).  There was a park nearby with soccer practice going on, so we just watched that until it was closer to 3.  The studio teacher came out & got us about 2:45.  That is when I got a little nervous.  Vivienne turned on her extra shy mode.  She wouldn't say hello, wouldn't even look at the guy!!  He was great and just went with it.  He has dealt with this before and had many tricks in his bag.

We got inside & guess what?  There was an adorable outfit all ready to go, ballet flats and all.  Vivienne started warming up a bit, but was still a bit "shy" when the stylist came down to do her hair.   Then we went to the shoot.

This was the cool "behind the scenes pat for me!  They had taken a part of this persons house & repainted it in a beautiful mural to create a bedroom scene.  They said after the shoot, they put the house back together just as it was before they came.  I never knew.

They had a music box on the floor and wanted Vivienne to "just play".  Well, you don't need to tell her twice.  She loves jewelry.  After a little while, some joking with the people on set & teasing by the studio teacher (and me leaving the area) Vivienne did great.

It will be out around February / March!


  1. Yay for booking the shoot! My daughter is on hold for a shoot in early October. I really hope she gets it because it would be her first one!

  2. She is such a cutie. Sorry I missed the last post. I'm a newbie to your blog. Which mag will Vivienne be in? Would love to check it out. I toyed with the idea of getting Princess into modeling as well. But, I remember going to castings myself and it could get crazy like the day you had. How often do you take Vivienne to castings?

  3. Welcome!! This was for Pottery Parn / Spring so I am thinking Feb? They hardly ever tell you exactly when the pics will come out. You just have to wait. As for castings, it has slowed down a lot w/ this economy!! So far this year (2011) Maybe 5 or 6 so far.