Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Push Pack Reviews

One of the fun things about having Small Batch Studio, my own business, is that the items I sell come from my heart.  My main item right now is the Push Pack.  You can find the story of how it came to be on this blog by clicking here.  It was my first blog entry and this story is on every Push Pack.

Since developing the Push Pack, I've given them as gifts as well as sold them.  I just love the look on a pregnant lady's face when she sees the gift.  The response is always one of excitement, maybe because they are thinking about the day they get to use it too!  I also love when people who get one call & order one (or two) for their friends!!  I recently asked a few women who had received the Push Pack if they could write a review.  Here is what they said:

I was given the Push Pack for my fourth hospital delivery. What a lovely thought! The Push Pack was filled with everything I could have possibly needed while I was on my "hospital getaway." It was wonderful to have several fewer things to pack considering the busyness of a mama with other children. The Push Pack will make a great gift for any mom-to-be!  Laura G.  Mom of 5.
"Well, we have to get this baby out today, tell your husband to pack a bag for you and meet us at the hospital in 30 minutes, said my doctor. Yikes! How is he going to know what I need? How am I going to know what I need? I've never done this before! Bring the push pack and some pajamas, I tell my husband frantically on the phone. (I'll skip the birthing details out of kindness.) in hospital, painful to move after c- section. Look in push pack and lots of goodies inside. Ah gum & snacks comforting. Toiletries that my husband doesn't even know women need to stay sane. Know I'll be clean and acceptable when friends come to visit. And all this new stuff I need, that I had no idea. breast pads came in very handy between baby feedings. Thank you Laura in being so clever on your invention. New moms on the way need this! Lisa V - First time Mom
I was given the Push Pack by a friend at my baby shower and I was so happy to have it during my hospital stay. Everything I needed (including several things I never would have thought of) was included. As a first time mom I really appreciated the experience that went in to the contents of the pack. I would recommend the Push Pack to any first time mom who doesn't know what she will need or want at the hospital or any experienced mom who doesn't want the stress of trying to remember and pack every little thing.  Annie C - First time mom.

Now, is there any question that you need to get a Push Pack for your friend, or for yourself??  

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