Monday, August 29, 2011

Buisness stuff ...

Summer is coming to an end.  Kids are heading back to school.  My schedule is about to get nuts.

For the next five weeks I am going to be focusing on my company, Small Batch Studio, getting ready for for the Birth and Baby Fair and Prego Palooza both in October.   Since this is my first tome attending these events I have no idea how many Push Packs to bring!  I've decided to bring 40 to the Birth and Baby Fair.  I'll see how that goes and then decided on how many to bring to the Prego Palooza two weeks later.

I've also decided this will be a great time to launch my new product, Doughy Fun.  Doughy Fun is home made play dough.  I am also making play dough kits.  A mix, all ready to go just add water & oil.  I love cooking with my girls & know many of you enjoy cooking with your kids too, but sometimes finding the right recipe or having all of the ingredients is challenging.  More on Doughy Fun (thanks to my good friend Stephanie & her son Carson for the name!!) later.

Time management is a HUGE challenge for me.  I am constantly working on getting it down.  My goal is that the week before the shows  I'll only be worrying about the outfit I'll wear.

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