Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's a giraffe in our yard!

My oldest daughter is almost 4.  About 3 months ago (or so I can't keep track of time to save my life!) she really started having a wonderful imagination.  Not just pretend play with dolls or her kitchen, she has been doing that much longer.  No, this is the imagination of monsters in the closets, imaginary friends, and for three weeks now, a giraffe in our back yard.  Specifically on our back steps.
The other day it was the giraffe's birthday so she made him a special treat.   This is the step where the giraffe is located.  Every time Vivienne walks in or out of the house she will walk "around" him and say "Excuse me giraffe."  (What a polite girl!)

The closet crafty person in me (or not so closet I guess ..) is always looking for an excuse for a project.  So I asked Vivienne if we should make a giraffe?  She said yes!  So I figured I would try and make one out of chicken wire.  I got the idea from Anthropologie.  It is a women's clothing / home store with legendary displays.  I have spend hours in awe of the visual design departments creativity.  Two years ago they made polar bears out of chicken wire & plastic bags.  I found a link on this blog ...



I've been itching to do something out of chicken wire ever since then.  

I started with a sketch.  Now, drawing is not a strong point of mine but I did find a step by step tutorial that gave accurate ratios.  Here is the result.  (I must admit, I was impressed with myself!)

Next was the chicken wire sculpture ... It really didn't take too long, about an hour or so.  I still need to figure out what to cover it with so it will stand up.   I cut and twisted to my hearts content.  I really do love being creative.  Vivienne reminded me the tongue needed to be blue.  That is a step we'll have to figure out later.

He turned out about 6 1/2 feet tall.
Here is the outline with the chicken wire.  Now I have to figure out what to cover him with, and weight him down so he can stand on his own.  Anyone have ideas?

Oh, and if you are wondering.  Vivienne's response to the giraffe.  "I like it mom, can you make a pig too?"

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  1. That is completely amazing! Paper mache' so you can paint it? Just a thought.
    Michelle Dibb