Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it September yet?

This is what summer is suppose to be like!

Two weeks ago, I had such high hopes for my first "summer vacation" as a parent.  In my mind it would be two and a half months filled with adventures, art projects, cooking and play dates and just all around F U N.

It has been two weeks, and I am thinking that September can't get here fast enough.  As I sit and type this, I am on the floor upstairs on guard between the two bedrooms.  Coco (2) is screaming.  She has become an escape artist these last two weeks, getting out of her crib at least 5 - 10 times a night before she falls asleep.  Vivienne (almost 4) is just waiting for her moment to sneak into Coco & Audrey's room to "entice" Coco to escape, then run back into her bed and pretend it was all Coco's idea.  Audrey is trying to sleep, but if Coco does get out she will start screaming.

Other happenings since this "glorious" thing called summer vacation has started?  No naps.  The two oldest have revolted.  Up until two weeks ago we would get home from picking Vivienne up, eat lunch & then it was off to naps.  Usually two hour stretches ... oh the things I accomplished with two out of three (and sometimes even all three!) napping.  Speaking of sleep reduction ... did I mention bed time still being 8:00 has stayed but sleep doesn't come until 9:00 or 9:30???  As all of you moms know, yes, they are still up at 6:30.

What else?  The girls are fighting more, crying more, and having more tantrums.  (I guess I can be considered one of the girls too for this example.)  The house is a mess (more than usual) and I can't keep up.  I am so tired at night I am REALLY behind in all things household.

Ok - now (9:02 pm) Vivienne is yelling because Coco's crying is keeping her awake & Audrey has joined in the crying ... I just had to put Coco back in bed.  I laid Audrey back down (she was standing up) and she LAUGHED at me.  My 10 month old laughed at me. ... now she is back to screaming, Coco is yelling Maahhhhmmmeeee ...

I am just feeling lost, dazed and a bit confused.   Who are these kids and do they really have no school for 10 more weeks?   I am about ready to find a summer school ... any school and put them in.  I think in reality, though, what I need is to be more organized.  It is now 100% up to me to determine the routine and schedule.  I don't have to be anywhere every day.  I think they are feeling a little lost too.  They went from seeing their friends every day to ... well, hanging out w/ each other and me.   I think I need to regroup and go with my original plan.  A lot of parks, play dates, and weekly day trips.  Get myself out of the house in the process.  Set it up with a schedule, like school, we have to be at the park by 9:00 am for example.  I did join a gym which has childcare.  A friend and I have committed to trying to go together, so I have that going on too (subject for a future post!).

I would love to hear what your stratagies are?  Moms who have been doing this summer vacation thing for a while?  Give me & others your tips!  What did you find really worked?


  1. Always good to have a plan. I usually get a group of moms to commit to once a week outings. We set the day & time. Then plan out the events: parks, hikes, lunch at someones house, the zoo, museums, etc. Whatever you enjoy doing with your kids.
    We also pick a library day (usually go a couple times a week). Our library has summer reading programs for infants through adults. Get little prizes each week. Our library also has a fun play it's a couple hour outing if we want it to be that long.
    Check around for places that have free craft days, free story times, free anything! Lakeshore learning stores, Barnes & Noble, little independent book stores, etc.
    Our library has activities throughout the week - puppet shows, game days, crafts, etc.
    I also try new fun kid recipes at home. Let them help.
    I try to have one thing on the calendar most days of the week (even if it's just to check in @ the library) . We do better when we get out!

  2. Swimming, water play, sprinklers, it will exhausted them and possible you too. You will all be napping in the afternoon :)