Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nature Walk

It was a beautiful fall day (yes, we have Fall in California!) and I decided to take my girls to Markham Park in Concord.  We've been going to a "playground" park almost every day (that I'm not working) for about two weeks.  My girls have so much energy!  A daily trip to the playground about 3:00, does us all good!

Today, however, it was a nature park.  When I was little my grandmother used to take me to Markham Park as she lives just a short walk away.  I also went to some special classes there when I was in elementary school.  I don't think I have been there in over 20 years ... and it has changed!

There are so many places to run, things to explore, and learn about.  The girls picked up leaves, threw rocks, and looked at the stream.  We spend over an hour there & could have stayed much longer. 

Have fun with your kids and just take them out exploring!  Really, my girls had as much fun today exploring nature as they do when they go to an amusement park.  So often, I think people believe that kids need "things" to stimulate them.  A kid can find fun & joy almost anywhere they want to.

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