Friday, November 4, 2011

Learning with Doughy Fun (play dough)

Doughy Fun - my line of home made play dough is always being played with at our home.  The other day, however we (the girls and I) played with a purpose.  I used the doughy fun to teach them about colors & how colors are made.

We started with the three primary colors and white.
We then talked about making other colors ... "Let's see what happens if ..."

and then we mixed, kneaded, and kneaded ... People who buy "stress balls" should just play with play dough!!

She could see bits of orange!!

Making purple!
Even Audrey love the sensation of playdough.  Fortunately, she doesn't eat it anymore!!

The next time your kids are playing with something ... think of how you can "teach" them something.  You may even surprise yourself at what you come up with!

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