Friday, September 16, 2011

The Dentist

Growing up my relationship with my dentist was not a good one.  I spent more time in the dentist chair than I wish on my ... well, people I am not fond of.  My dentist, though a nice man, was NOT a pediatric specialist.  He did not use gas, and limited his use of Novocain.

My parents did not have dental insurance & I hate to think what I cost them.  Aside from numerous cavities, I also broke my front tooth in the third grade.  Many dentists & orthodontists later I find myself still a little apprehensive when it comes to the dentist.

So, now here I am a mom of three kids.  They need to see the dentist.  (If you've been following you know my 1 year old has already since she chipped her two front teeth!) As a mom, it is my "job" to make the dentist a not - so - scary place.  Make it seem like we are going to .... a fun place of sorts.  I can't tell them, "Well kids when I was a kid, I cried & begged your grandma not to take me because it hurt REALLY REALLY bad & I still HATE the noise of the drill which sends shivers down my spine, but don't worry you'll be OK."  Nope.  Can't do it.

But, I have discovered a wonderful thing.  There are pediatric dentists who only treat kids!  (Some of you are saying DUHHH!!! but really, I didn't know!)  This is where my kids are going.  We found this dentist by chance as they had an opening for Audrey when I needed her to be seen.

Anyway, fast forward ... Vivienne had two cavities.  So, today was the day to get them taken care of.

So we go into the room.  Don't let this picture fool you.  She is hooked up to the gas, watching a movie with headphones on, bite block in her mouth, totally zoning out.  (As a kid, I didn't get any of those things!) The dentist was so nice, and all of the staff are really kind too.

Of course, after it is all over she gets a prize from the toy cabinet.  She got to pick two.  Jewelry and money.     My girl.

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