Saturday, August 13, 2011

The broken tooth

When I was 7 years old, I fell at school and broke off half of my front left tooth.  That was the beginning of my fear and loathing of the dentist.  I won't go into details about all I went through, but I was traumatized.  Let's just say, my dentist rarely used Novocaine & never used the gas.

This week was Vivienne's 4 year old check up & Audrey's 1 year old check up at the pediatrician.  The girls' doctor is a wonderful woman who for me, is almost like going to see a friend.  Sadly for us, she is leaving the practice & pursuing her passion.   She reminded me that Vivienne needed to start going to the dentist and gave me a list of a few in the area.  One thing for sure, I will NOT take my child to a non-pediatric dentist.  No, adult dentist that sees children.  Nope, my kids are getting all of the bells and whistles that I didn't get!

Little did I know that the next day I would discover that AUDREY needed to see the dentist!

This is her at dinner on Thursday.  She smiled at me and WHAT????  You can't really tell here but her top right tooth is chipped too.  I knew when it happened.  The day before!  She had fallen, I saw her fall, heard a loud hit & a lot of screaming but didn't see any bruising or swelling on her face.  I was confused, but didn't think to look at her teeth.   I felt like mom of the year.

I have heard stories of parents who had kids with broken bones who discovered it 1 - 2 days later.  Man, what an awful feeling.  Have you had something like this happen?

By the way ... found a very kind & gentle dentist.  Audrey didn't even fuss at the exam.  She is fine "best" chip scenario.   Oh, one more thing ... get dental insurance as soon as your kid is born.  I didn't for Audrey.  Thank goodness it wasn't worse!

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