Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My name is Fred.

I have decided I am no longer responding to mom.  I will only respond to Fred.   This person "mom" who is being asked for 1000 times a day no longer lives in my home.

My middle daughter has just really gotten into her terrible two's.  My oldest will be 4 in August, and it sure didn't take me long to forget what the terrible twos were all about.  I think it is kind of like giving birth.  After the fact, you don't think it was as painful as it was ... until you go through it again.

For some reason, I was thinking this sweet little girl would just skip the fussy, whiny, and temper tantrum stage and keep being the cutie pie she is (or was).  Nope.  For the last week I have had a new child.  You know the one.  At breakfast she wants toast with peanut butter.  It is placed in front of her & she cries because she really wanted toast with just butter.  But wait, she wants MY toast with butter, not a new piece for her.  On our 45 minute commute for her sister's school, nothing is right.  She is crying because ... WHY??? ... for reasons only she knows.  "Momma, momma, momma, mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy NO MOMMY NO!!!" .... Then, five minutes later, her world is a wonderful place.  She has just seen a school bus & yells "BUS!!!!" and forgets that she was upset.  So is the life of a two year old.

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