Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favorite stroller

Here it is.  My stroller.  When we were living in SF with just one baby I had a very light, one child, easy to collapse stroller.  It was great for city living, especially since I lived on the 4th floor of a walk-up (which means no elevator).  I put hundreds of miles, literally, on that stroller.

When I got pregnant with #2, I knew I would have to get another stroller.  These Phil & Teds were everywhere in the city.  I started asking everyone who had one what they thought.  No one ever had anything negative to say.   We moved out to the burbs and my little stroller just couldn't cut it.  For one thing, it had very small wheels.  The city I live in doesn't have sidewalks everywhere & these wheels were not made for gravel or dirt.  I quickly ordered my Phil & Ted's stroller, with double seat and was on my way.

I have now had it for over two years.  I still love it.  I have used it in every version that they brag about.  No, the back seat kid doesn't feel "slighted" sitting staring at the back of a stroller, a comment I hear once in a while.  My girls even fight over the back!

One of the big pluses of this stroller is that you can really maneuver it.  It is narrow which works especially well when you think of going into a store.  You just can't with the side by side strollers.

So, if you are thinking, should I put out the big bucks for this guy, I would say if you can yes.  They are worth it.  They hold up really well also so the used market is a great place to look, then when you are done you can resell it as well.

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