Friday, June 17, 2011

Big things at Small Batch

Fun things are happening at Small Batch Studio.  This is my first real attempt at having a business and there is so much to do and learn.  I love every moment of it.  Over the last week I became licenced!  I also received my business cards, which according to the teacher in the marketing seminar I attended just means that in this day & age I can tell people I have a business and feel legitimate.

I started a facebook page.  I hope to use that to keep people posted on the progress of just my business, no mom stuff there.  It is also a way for friends to tell their friends, and they don't have to read this silly blog.

I had the joy of celebrating with friends & family at a baby shower.   I gave the mommy-to-be (though this is little guy #3) a Push Pack & it was a HIT!!   I immediately passed out four business cards ... so see ladies, it is a GREAT baby shower gift!!  People love it.

I was able to connect with some people who I think will be key in helping my business grow & can't wait to talk to them more.  The blog is getting read by more people than I imagined for only being a few months old, and people seem to enjoy it.  (Have I told you I LOVE comments - I am a Leo after all!)

Needless to say, with all of the above getting done my house is a bit messy.  My husband works long hours (like is gone from 7am - 11pm) so he doesn't really see the mess.  The important thing is having it clean for his days off!!

Vivienne and I also made a giraffe out of chicken wire.  We have an imaginary giraffe that has been on our back porch for two weeks.  It was his birthday the other day too ... but more on that later.


  1. I am so excited to meet the giraffe! We will have to make it happen soon :) Has he been named yet??? I am loving your blog, I look forward to your posts and get excited when I see there is a new one. Yay Laura!

  2. ... Also, I am loving the name Small Batch!