Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just don't think about it

So I got the cleaning bug today. No, it doesn't come very often but today it was there. I was so blessed that my dad took my two older girls for 3 hours & the baby naped. I got a lot done. During that time, I was often distracted & thought about checking email, working on a "fun" project or just passing by a pile of papers that has been sitting on the counter forever. Instead of giving in to my distractions, I used some words of advise from my mother in law via my husband. "Just don't think about it & do it." He told me this is her attitude towards approaching a large basket of laundry to be ironed. (ok - she irons EVERYTHING). You see, I was ironing one night & I was picking through the pile the things I "preferred" to do. It still all had to be done ... so why even bother with that?

So, with this attitude I approached my cleaning. I just cleaned. Top to bottom. Let me tell you the dirt appeared in places I hadn't noticed before (or just got so used to seeing ...) on base boards, windowsills, and doors. If I saw it, I cleaned it. I didn't think about cleaning it, I just did. And you know what? It got done. Faster than it would had I thought about what I "felt" like doing or "preferred" to do.

The next time you pass that pile of paper, just don't think about it, do somthing with it. Then you'll have one less thing to look at that needs to be done. And, honestly, it will probably only take 5 minutes to do.

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  1. I need to adopt this attitude more often. I find that I am doing so much for others ALL THE TIME that when I get the moment to do for myself, especially cleaning, where I have these grand ideas of all the cleaning projects I need to accomplish, I end up bagging it all and huddle up on the couch. Now, I will remind myself to JUST DO IT!
    Michelle Dibb