Monday, April 18, 2011

If any of you are having challenges with your small child I highly recommend the book I Break for Meltdowns. It has saved me on many occasions. It is not a book you read & then pass on. No, this is a book you read, read, place by your night stand to reference, and think about getting a second copy for the car. The strategies have worked for me better than the others such as the idea of giving your child a ton of choices so that when the time comes for mom's choice they are more compliant. That one didn't work. Spanking led to Vivienne fighting with me (literally throwing fists & feet everywhere I was) and time out worked sometimes.

I did a huge order for the contents of my PUSH PACK today. The first big one. it was over the phone & Vivienne was next to me. I explained to her I needed to be on the phone for a while so she needed to play quietly. I think she heard, "I'm going to be on the phone, talk to me, crawl on me and then bother your sister so she screams." After about 3 minutes I excused myself from the phone & told her, "Vivienne, if you don't go play quietly now you will be in BIG trouble when I am done." and for some reason, that worked.

So, PUSH PACK order done ... baby steps to getting this done. I also made one up for a mom, 3 weeks from baby # 5. If anyone needs help packing it is her! I hope she enjoys it!!

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