Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where have I been??

For some reason, this week has been a real challenge for me to post to my blog.  I don't know why really ... except that a lot is going on for me & Small Batch Studio.  Believe it or not, it takes a bit out of me to sit & write, usually after a long day, something that I think people would want to read.

I have a post titled: " What tangled webs we weave ..." just about ready to post.  I had a pretty emotional day with my 4 year old ... let's just say she'll have it branded in her memory for many years.  I've started & stopped writing it several times.  It's a tough one for me, her mom.

On the Small Batch front, I am learning to design a website!  I'll soon have my own & move my "shop" from Etsy to my own domain.  I am NOT a tech savvy person & even the 5 minute intro class caused me stress & anxiety.  I'm also about to have a HUGE deal go out on so if you haven't signed up for them ... you should!  My first promotional event.

So ... here's to saying I haven't gone far!  I'm just a mom having a crazy mom / wife / business owner / trying to have a life woman.  Hope your week is going well!!

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