Saturday, October 15, 2011

Water Paint

I love to be crafty.  I love to do creative things and want my kids to have a passion for creating as well.  I do not like, however, kid made art messes.  I am kind of afraid them (or more like have anxiety about them).   I wish I could break out the finger paints and say "GO FOR IT!" but I think about the clothes, furniture, mess ... and it stresses me out. Kind of like the feeling I get when I am about to go to Target with all three girls just before dinner time when they haven't taken naps but I'm out of diapers so I have to ... that feeling.  I ask myself, what if we paint outside and then the kid with paint dripping from all parts of them suddenly HAS to go to the bathroom, NOW.  Do you just let them go outside or what?  

Ok ... now that you think I am really weird ... I have a solution (kind of).  My mom showed this to me and the girls LOVE it.  Painting with water on the cement walk (or wood deck or fence ...).  

 The fun part is - no clean up!  The girls will spend up to 30 minutes doing this ... even my one year old gets into it.  It is also fun for adults too.    We get assorted size brushes, bowls that are a little on the heavier side so they don't tip over too easily (we use ramekins), and water.  Simple.  Fun.  No mess, no stress.  Also, no worries about what to do with this adorable painting you don't have space for but don't want to throw away.  It dries up & is gone.

So comments please ... tell me I am not the only mom who "fears" these messes.  What do you do?

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