Sunday, October 9, 2011

KitchenAid mixer drama & home made bread.

In France, bread is a religion.  My husband's family lives in a small village in Provence.  Every winter the bakery closes & a new baker comes in to bake for the villagers who live there year round.  Unlike here in the US, in France, every day you eat fresh bread.  I was there shortly after Vivienne was born & was told about the challenges of finding someone who made "good" bread in the winter.

If you have never had FRESH bread, you probably think this is a little silly.  Bread is bread, right?  No.  Home made fresh bread can be amazing.   

For about two months I have been faithfully making all of our bread.  It has become part of my routine, more reliable than my laundry schedule ;)  Until this week.

We have a KitchenAid 6 qt Professional mixer.  It was a wedding gift, so it is now 5 years old.  On Thursday, the motor quit.  Isn't this the mixer that women talk about inheriting from their mothers??  It has lasted for YEARS?  Well, apparently, that is the old version.  The newer versions are not as long lasting and if you google "kitchenaid mixer complaints" you will see numerous stories of people who have had the same problems.

I checked our Consumer Reports to see what they had to say.  KitchenAid topped the list of recommended mixers.  So I wonder, it is just a sign of our disposable / consumer times?  It's "normal" for things not to be built to last?

Even more challenging ... what mixer do I buy next?  Not a small investment at around $500.00 for a large mixer.  At this rate, $100 a year.  Do you use a mixer?  Would you recommend it?  I have heard Bosch is the go to machiene.  I am not familiar with the modern ones, the two people who recommended them got theirs in the 70's.  Has Bosch downgraded their motors as well?  Consumer Reports rates them lower than the KitchenAid.

HELP!!  Please forward this post to your baker friend.  Ask them to comment on what mixer they use / love / would recommend.

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