Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm busy ... and what? my kids are auditioning tomorrow?

When it rains it pours.  So the saying goes.   I lived it this week, am still living it now.  It is not just a crazy busy week ... it is a really crazy busy week.

My baby is turning one next week & Vivienne is four today.   There is a party for Audrey for a few (40 - 50) friends / family at our house.  For those of you who know my family you know that this is a small, I didn't invite a lot of people, party.  Paul is working very long days until the party.  We also have house guests arriving in about an hour to stay four days.  I also am attending the San Francisco International Gift Fair Monday & Tuesday to get ideas for my business.

So, of course I get a call that Vivienne is requested for a go-see (audition) on Wednesday at 1:38 near South San Francisco.  We got the call last week, so I had made babysitting arrangements for the other two kids.  No other kids are allowed, and only one adult per child.  On Monday, I got a call that another company was interested in Audrey.  I called on Tuesday afternoon to see if anything had come of it.  Yes!  Audrey had a go-see on Wednesday ... at 12:10 in San Francisco.  Two kids, two auditions, 90 minutes apart.  I can do this.  Neither one can be at the other's audition.  So, my task ... find someone to go to San Francisco with me, sit in the car & hang out with my kids for three hours.

I don't know about you, but there is a very short list of people who are not busy on a Wednesday afternoon, have no kids, and don't mind hanging out for three hours in a car!  Fortunately, I have a wonderful family & a soon to be Aunt said she would do it!

Audition #1 Baby food company.  Audrey & I got there, filled out the paperwork.  We went into the audition room.  They were quite nice.  They wanted her to have a still picture taken, then would do a little video.  For the video, she was to:  'crawl and then grab a piece of food out of my hand and eat it while looking at the camera'  She did good, even threw in a few giggles.  Out the door at 12:45

Audition #2 Arrived at 1:00,  audition is at 1:38 - don't show up that early.  We also hadn't eaten lunch yet!  So, got out of the car (in a business park) found a little grass & ate our sandwiches.  Back to the audition at 1:33.  Went in & how fun is this??? The woman in the waiting area recognized us form this blog!  What an ADORABLE little girl she has!  Vivienne went in by herself to get her picture taken.  I walked over to try & hear.  I was asked by the photographer to come in.  Seems Vivienne was giving her "generic" smile.  I pretended to tickle her and BAM!  Big smile!

I got home & had an email ... possible work for Vivienne on Tuesday!

When it rains ... it pours.

We found out Audrey didn't get the job, which is fine.  It was for tomorrow (Friday) and I have plans already to do some sightseeing with family.  But again, such is the life ... be ready at a moments notice.


  1. I love it! I was hoping all of this would inspire a post :) Let me know what I can do to be helpful for this weekend. Can't wait to see you guys(girls)!!!

  2. Hi!!! It's me! the lady in the waiting room!, I'm Tiara by the way :)
    It was nice to meeting you & Vivienne too! she's so cute.
    Thanks for all your advice, it makes me feel better even that my daughter had a bad day in the audition.
    I love yous post! very nice :)

  3. Hello Tiara. I think all kids have had meltdowns at one or two auditions. It happens. I am glad you are enjoying the posts!