Friday, July 29, 2011

State Fair!!

For those of you who read "A Milking We Will Go" know of my daughters obsession with milking a cow.  Where it came from, we don't know.  In my quest to find a cow for her to milk, someone recommended heading to the California State Fair, in Sacramento.

On Tuesday, we headed to the state fair!  It was also the day the Choo Choo Soul was preforming ... which my girls love.  If you haven't heard of them, check them out.  Steam Train is one of their fun songs.  Lots of dancing & positive learning energy.  I was really glad it was a free concert, as my girls who go nuts at home when they watch the videos, stood like statues at the concert.  About half way through, Vivienne asked if they could go ride the boats (at $5 a person!!) One thing about the state fair, bring your money.  It is not for those looking to pinch pennies.  $10 for parking ... and it goes up from there.

UC Davis had a livestock nursery area set up.  A very large tented area with cows, goats, and pigs all about to give birth or have just given birth.  If you were lucky, you could watch a birth!  This was also the area where the kids (or adults) could milk cows or goats.  Since Vivienne had already milked a goat, she was intent on milking a cow.  After waiting in line ... for 30 minutes ...

She did it!!!

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  1. Love it! Who ever thought you'd have the country kids at heart? LOL!