Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding Inspiration

I've discovered that I can be inspired by many things at very unexpected times.  Inspiration for me tends to turn to obsession.  Ideas involving my kids, my business, or life in general.

This week, it was business inspiration which has lead to massive obsessing on my part.  I discovered the Brown Butter Cookie Company in Cayucos.  Cayucos is a sleepy beach town just 30 minutes north of San Luis Obispo.  Brown Butter Cookie Company was started by two sisters several years ago, 2008, I believe.  It started as a mail order company and now has this adorable shop in Cayucos, along with the mail order business.

I have been in their shop twice in four days.  I am in LOVE with their honey cookie, and plan on buying another dozen (or more) today.  The cookies are made at the shop which is always full of customers buying delicious treats.

They have been written up in several magazines including Sunset.  In the article it says they make 12,000 cookies a week!!  I can believe it.

So, my obsession ... a cookie company that started just a few years ago and now employees more than a few people (all cookies are hand rolled!) and has this adorable shop in paradise.  I wonder if the sisters thought it would become this or if they just went with the flow to see where it would go.

It inspires me because it is proof that there is success out there waiting for you, and me!  Go for it, whatever "IT" is and who knows where it could lead.  Check them out Brown Butter Cookie Company read their story and get inspired yourself!

What inspires you?  What did you do that turned into something larger than you imagined?  Tell me about it!

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  1. What I did was open my own childcare business once I realized (pretty much as soon as I started teaching Prek) that it was my passion, that it came easy for me, that one of the very best things I do is LISTEN....It was scary to branch off on my own in my city because I was established with someone else's business in a city 50 miles away. Guess what? I went from being a small business to a large business in just one year. Life has never been the same and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even on the toughest of days.....
    Michelle Dibb