Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crap in...crap out

As moms,  often times we think about others so much we forget about ourselves.  Many of us are embarrassed to admit how often we shower or even think of putting on make up.  We deprive ourselves of new clothes, time with friends, sleep, exercise and proper nutrition.

These last few days I have been on a baking kick.  I made bacon cookies two days ago and today made cake pops.  My husband has been at work from 7 am - 11 pm for the last two days and so it is just the girls and I for meals .... I've also been munching on my sweets a lot so am not really hungry when it comes to the meal time, so I take advantage of the girls eating & clean a little in the kitchen or check FB.

Well, it caught up with me today, just in the last hour.  I feel like crap.  My stomach hurts and I am emotionally on edge.  My girls were challenging nap time & I didn't have the "whatever" to deal with it, so I let naps slide & now they are being a real challenge.   Harassing each other every second.

This is a HUGE wake up call for me to remind me .. thus blogging to remind you ... that if you put crap in your body, you will feel like crap.   I know people who complain a lot about how they feel, and when I see how they eat I think, NO WONDER!!  Prepared food these days is over-processed, pumped full of un-natural ingredients and lacking in nutrition.

I am about to head to the grocery store and will be filling my basket with unprepared food so I can prepare our food.  Because, if this is what "crappy" food is doing to my emotional / physical well being I don't want any part of it ... ok, well, I won't give up sweets or anything, they just won't be breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. Since being diagnosed with Type II diabetes and changing my eating habits, I notice a huge difference in getting energy from protein vs. carbs.
    One of my fave "treats" is celery or carrots with hummus. Todd made serious fun of me until he finally tried it....AND LOVED IT! And it doesn't bog you down like potato chips & a creamy dip!

  2. Isn't it amazing when we look at how we feel in connection with how we eat? Thanks for posting your comments, I love reading them.