Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're going to the park, Damn it!

School is out.  This is my first year of "summer vacation" since I was in school over 15 years ago.  I forgot what it felt like.  The anticipation of no schedule.  The luxury of not having to be out the door by 8:30 am.  What I didn't realize with small kids though, is with summer vacation brings hours of unscheduled time.  For those of you moms out there ... yes, you know, that means chaos.

I decided that we would fill our summer with many park trips, play dates and a few day trips.  Tuesday was day one.  A simple trip to Walnut Creek City Park.  It is a really cool park, a lot of grass and trees as well as a fun playground complete with water / sand area.  Now, this seems like it should be no big deal.  For nine months now, we have been out the door and on time to school by 9 am.  Some days have their drama, but not too bad.  SO why today, when we are going to the park for FUN do I get this???
Coco behind the couch thrashing and screaming

she didn't want shoes on ...
Even Audrey was throwing a fit before we left!!
I did it though ... I got out the door, calm, cool and collected.  Inside I was dying to scream out, "Will you SHUT UP??  We are going to the park, DAMN IT!!!"  I know, however that will do little good.  It really only makes things worse.  So into the car we went ... and off to the park.

Once we got there all was right with the world.  The girls hit the swings.  A must for the Magu girls.  The playground wasn't of interest to them though.  They kind of walked around the structures.  Vivienne went down a slide a few times.  Then they spotted it.  A mud puddle.  
The girls had so much fun running through it, how could I say no??  I don't think the other moms appreciated it.  There were several other kids who wanted to join in but weren't allowed.  I even got a great shot of Colette!  My little miss "just try and take my picture".
So just a reminder to all of you moms out there .... just when you think the world is full of fits, screams, and tantrums ... go to the park, damn it.


  1. Just like I was reminded a few weeks ago, after dumping out a jumpy thing full of water outside, which created monster mud puddles on my "bike pad", which naturally proved to be just too much of a temptation for my wild son to resist. I could have yelled at him, moved him to the other part of the yard, completely lost it over how dirty his was about to get....Instead, I sat back and watched him joyfully splash and plod his way back and forth through this lake of mud. He was so happy. And guess what? Dirt washes off. It was so totally worth it. (I wasn't completely crazy though. The 8 other big kids in care were promptly shooshed away from the area...In hindsight, I think next time I may just allow a free-for-all. So what if I have to do a load of laundry and potentially hose them down afterward. Life is way too short to deny such a sweet and satisfying experience!)
    Michelle Dibb

  2. I love this post!! Coco is too cute running through the mud puddle. :0) XO, Leah