Monday, June 27, 2011

Children's Place Model!

Here it is!  The moment every parent who has a child that works as a model waits for.  The release of the ad.  This is for Children's Place and is part of their Fall 2011 line, under the baby girl / Garden Girl online.

Once your child is selected for a shoot, there are still a lot of factors that come into play before the actual ad featuring your child is released to the public.  Until that day, I am still on pins and needles wondering if the picture will even appear, and if it does curious to see what it will look like.

When a shoot is taking place, there are a lot more people there "behind the camera" than just the photographer.  I have seen as many as 8 - 10.  There is also a monitor which will show the pictures as they are being taken.  These pictures are monitored by several of the people.  These people represent the photographer, client (company) and at times a parent (who is just curious).  Everyone is looking for something that will say, "We've got the shot!"  Even though that is said, "the shot" they pick out at that moment can easily make it to the cutting room floor.

I have now realized that it is better that I not be anywhere that Vivienne can see me while she has her picture taken.  So, it is with even more anticipation that I wait for the adds.  I don't know anything more than what she was wearing.

We have had ads come out where Vivienne was the baby in the background with her back to the camera.   The first ad she did they swapped out babies and it wasn't until it printed that the parents knew which kids would be in the catalog.  When she worked for Mervyns, we were kept on set while she napped (for two hours!) so she could shoot for the cover of their ad.  When the day came for it to be released, I discovered that the whole ad campaign as it was described at the shoot was nonexistent.  It was suppose to be all about babies, with over 10 babies shooting.  None of the pictures printed.  (They announced bankruptcy several weeks later.)

When you are at the shoot you are given a general release date for the ad.  It is up to you to find it as I have yet to have a company send me anything or let the agent know it is out.  Parents scramble for newspaper ads, or as I did for this one, check online every day for the last two weeks.  We were told the pictures would come out in mid-June.  Vivienne's agent sent this to me today.  What a fun email to get!


  1. That's good to know. I think I mentioned a few blogs back that I just signed my daughter up with JE Model. After finally getting the paperwork submitted to get her Worker's Permit, (I took it there in person, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't need her medical records at 5 months), I am looking forward to see how the rest goes.

    To know, that once something takes place, that I will have to search for the ad is definitely a great thing to know. I would have been waiting patiently to receive something that never comes.

  2. Hey Keith,
    After the first permit, you do it by mail & really easy. I made a bunch of blank copies & stuck them in a file. Let me know when you get a go-see/ job!! Would love to hear your thoughts