Monday, May 23, 2011

hello big brother

My intent with this blog is to write about my life ... it is not a political blog.  It is about my life as a mom, part time worker & soon to be small business owner.  This entry though is a little "political" in nature though.

About 3 years ago I read 1984  by James Orwell for the first time.  For those of you who haven't read it, I would suggest it.  It is a good book, no matter your political standing.  A little creepy and a quick read.  Ever since I read it, I think twice any time I hear of or see "government" creeping into my home, or the homes of others.

I was filling out the preschool application for my second daughter.  It is a wonderful French immersion school in Lafayette.  My oldest goes now - we love it.  The school just became certified by the state of California and because of this there are extra papers in the application for the state.  A few of the things I was asked:

  • What time does your child go to bed?
  • How long does your child sleep?
  • Does your child nap? 
  • What are the typical meal times your child eats?
  • What do they typically eat for each meal?
  • Do they have problems with any adults or other children?
  • How well do they get along with their siblings?
Now really, what business is it of the state what my kid eats for dinner?  What if I put Snickers & Oreos?  Would CPS be showing up at my door to check my fridge?  What is this used for?  How many trees were cut down so that the state of CA knows that my kid goes to bed at 8. (was I suppose to put "sometimes like tonight she is still awake & crying, but I am ignoring her so I can write my blog??")

I filled out all of the papers, but I wonder ... what would have happened if I hadn't filled it all out.  I really don't think the school would care, but does the state "require" them to have these forms filled out and if they don't pulls the licence?  When are we (or just me!) going to say ENOUGH!!??  I am not filling out all of these questionnaires so that someone somewhere can say if this is the "right" answer.  I am curious ... have any of you refused to fill these out?  Have you run into something similar?  What did you do?  Have you read 1984?  I think Big Brother is watching more than we know ... (that's why we don't have TV.) 

(Ok - that last part is a joke.  We don't have TV but not for that reason ... )

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  1. I have this unusually long and detailed contract for parents to complete when they become part of my program. I also have filled out a set of paperwork with some interesting questions when Elizabeth enrolled in a preschool program. I also anticipate more paperwork ahead of me as she prepares to march onward on her educational path. I look at it as being proud of the choices I have made for my family because I look at her and think that she is a pretty amazing little person, in part because of the values we have as a family and in part because of just her day to day life. As for all the other people around, government and whatnot, who will judge said decisions....SCREW 'EM! hahahaha
    Michelle Dibb