Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obsessing ...

As I lay in bed last night, I was thinking, no, obsessing about the day when I will actually be selling my PUSH PACK. For now, Etsy looks like the marketplace, but I have plans that expand beoynd that. I have ideas for other PUSH PACK versions. I have marketing ideas, promotional ideas, and ideas about ideas. The best part though, is that I have a husband who is supporting all of these dreams & encouraging me to go for it.

I hear so many stories of people who are successful at thier business or craft. They all say a common theme ... I just went for it. So here I go, continuing to work on getting it juts right to start ... and am going for it. Today, kid permitting, I am doing more paperwork (which I hate!) to complete the "background" for launching the Etsy site. I figure this will take most of the week, with the opening of my etsy store in May. Stay tuned ... and tell your friends.


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  2. I can totally relate to your dream to start a business, share your talents with the world and have more time with your family as a result. I salute your courage for trying it out. Sounds like if anyone can do it, you can!