Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Things ...

These days we hear so many times about everything that is going wrong. I was a wreck a few weeks ago thinking about what school I will be sending my girls to. The US education system is broken. I watched Waiting for Superman, and The Lottery. I read in my local paper and face book page of challenges in my local school district. They were threatening to close the two high preforming schools that I was hoping to put them in. Politics, gas prices, war ... so many negatives.

Then there are the good things. Spring is here & with it comes amazing fruit and soon vegetables at the local farmers market. My husband is French and as a chef, is amazed that we as Americans are just "getting" the local / in season food trend. Why would you cook with tomatoes in December when they are barely red, and have no flavor? Well, same for strawberries ... look at how RED these babies are. That is flavor through and through. You bite into one & it tastes as though it has been soaking in sugar all day. Nope, just in season fresh yummyness. These were from the Ferry Building farmers market in SF.

Another good thing ... comfy socks! I am SO excited to let you in on a secret, well, not really a secret. I found some socks that are SO comfortable you will think you are walking on the clouds! They are from Do Good Company. Not only do they keep your feet toasty, but they are reflexology socks. So you get a little massage with every step. I was able to get some for my push packs!! I have a limited amount, so they won't be in there forever .. but for the first 150 orders ... you get a little bit of "extra" luxury!! So save the date for June 1 for the esty shop. If you need one sooner ... let me know! $49.95 plus shipping, if they need to be shipped.

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  1. Those berries look amazing, Laura! That's one of the things I miss about being away from the Bay and all of the local berry farms... Spring fresh ruby red strawberries!! They just melt in your mouth with yummy goodness! Gracie & Cecille would be so thrilled to pop one of those babies in their mouths! Enjoy!!

    XO, Leah